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Rocking Around the Reception: A Christmas Concert Wedding

Weddings often have the same structure and pattern, even if the couple’s personalities and decor styles are vastly different from one to the next. When asked “What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?” The response used to be about fun exits, choreographed dances, or creative decor aspects. That is until December 2022 at the King/Borel wedding!

Per the usual flow of the day, we had the girls in hair and makeup in the bridal suite all day, but the groom’s suite was a revolving door of warm ups and rehearsals for the evening ahead. 

Each member of the wedding party, including the bride and groom, had their own performance scheduled during the reception. Many of the wedding party attended college for music in some way, shape, or form.

So where the ceremony proceeded as normal, and after a quick room flip, cocktail hour took place inside. The real show started once the wedding party was introduced into the reception! 

The best man, acting as Emcee, announced each groomsman one by one where they made their way on stage and began playing their instruments. Piece by piece they formed their very own wedding band, closing out with the groom himself as lead singer, performing the beginning of what would soon develop into a solo featuring the bride! Bridesmaids were introduced and had a short dance performance once the bride made her way in and onstage to meet the groom and perform her own solo. They finished out the song together and it was only the beginning of the music filled evening.

The set list included performances by the couple, both the best man and maid of honor, college friends, and many more! With a crowd of just under 100 guests, they had an intimate concert instead of the traditional flow of a wedding reception. The show was closed out with the bride and groom back on stage singing for their guests instead of a grand exit!

They seemingly had the time of their lives, and that is ultimately the goal of any wedding. Though it may not be a scene everyone strives for, this is the atmosphere Erika and Andrew were the most at home with their loved ones surrounding them! If you were thinking about changing up the flow of your wedding day, this is your sign!

Vendor Team:

Photographer | Wanderlust Creative Co

Coordinator | Right As Rayne Events Catering | City View Catering

Florist | Tamara Menges

Videographer | Jake Austin Films

Cake | Nichole Daleo

Hair and Makeup | Project Artistry

Dress | One & Only Bridal

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