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About The Weinberg

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking your wedding here! I am in love with this venue and their staff and am so thankful

to have had the best day of my life here!"

At The Weinberg we know that you want a spectacular wedding that your friends and family will be  talking about for years to come. In order to do that, you need the perfect setting for a magical day. The problem is many of  the venues out there today all start to look and feel the same after a while, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. It shouldn’t be  so hard to find a romantic, scenic, and timeless venue that can host wedding parties of up to 450 people! 


That’s why we built The Weinberg at Wixon Valley.


Having recently planned a wedding, it felt like every venue we toured looked just like the last one we visited.  Now we help numerous brides each year create the perfect backdrop for their special day. 


And not only is The Weinberg experience unforgettable, our team makes the first steps to forever extremely simple for you and your family.


First, be our guest and join us for a personal tour of The Weinberg grounds. Upon arrival, you can’t help but imagine yourself on one of the happiest days of your life. Finally, find the perfect day on our calendar and save the date that you’ll remember forever.


Schedule your personal tour today, and be sure to download the 7 Things I Am Thankful I Did On My Wedding Day.


Don’t regret a wedding that looks and feels just like everyone else’s. It’s time to create the wedding that the whole world will be talking about forever at The Weinberg.

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