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Wedding Cake Display

Wedding cakes are more than just traditional wedding desserts, they have evolved into ART! When you have a beautiful work of art, you want it displayed for all to see.

Here at The Weinberg, you have multiple locations to display the wedding cake of your dreams! We love when couples get creative with their cake display. Whether you opt for a floral filled cake, an accent linen to compliment the design, or a multi-tier cake, you'll want to place it in a location that best suites your wedding day needs.

When creating beautiful cake display and setting the stage for fun cake cutting photos, consider these locations with in The Weinberg!

Wedding cake display 1- WITHIN THE LIMESTONE SILO

Definitely one of the most popular locations for the wedding cake display. This is a great location to create a beautiful cake cutting photo of bride and groom! One con of this display location is the size. With a large wedding, not all the guests are able to partake in the cake cutting at this location. Although its usually not a deterrent for our brides, it's something to consider based off of your wedding day expectations.

Wedding cake display 2- ALONG THE BRICK WALL

Another popular location for the wedding cake. This location also provides a beautiful backdrop for your cake AND it allows for the larger crowd to watch the cake cutting. You get the best of both worlds with this display option.

Wedding cake display 3- UNDER THE CHANDELIER

For a grand display of your wedding cake, consider placing your cake under the chandelier! It's the first thing your guests see as the enter the reception hall. Like the second option, this allows all your guests to be apart of the cake cutting ceremony as well as being an amazing photo opportunity.

Wedding cake display 4- ALONG THE FRENCH DOORS

Another location within the reception hall, near all your guests, is along the french doors. Much like option two, but with more flexibility. This cake display can be set up anywhere along the east side of the venue, which is lined with french doors.

Wedding cake display 5- OVERLOOKING YOUR GUESTS

A less common, but equally exciting location for your wedding cake is the second floor mezzanine. This allows your photos to show off the beautiful chandeliers in the background of your photos. This is a very unique photo opportunity.

Wedding cake display 6- CATERING SPACE

One last option is inside the catering room. Once the space has been cleared of the buffet line or plated dinner prep, the space can double as the cake display and serving space.

Great! Now you have several beautiful locations to display your wedding cake, but what about all the cake slices for your guest? Great question! Typically the cake is sliced into individual slices in the catering kitchen as it can be a bit of a mess, and it's most commonly served in the catering buffet area. All good food for thought!

Have another creative idea for your cake display? We'd love to see it!

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We highly recommend browsing our social media accounts to gather inspiration for your wedding day. From cake ideas to floral installs, you can find many ideas on our Instagram and Facebook post, as well as our Instagram highlight titled "Inspo."

We can't wait to see what creative ways you design your wedding day!

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