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Your Wedding Party

One really great bonus of the chapel that you might have overlooked is the versatility of the alter. Not only does the alter look beautiful with any and all ceremony backdrop options, it can also accommodate a wide range of wedding party sizes.

Whether it is just Bride and Groom alone or 16 bridesmaids and 16 groomsmen, The Weinberg Chapel looks great and can easily host either.

With our three step alter, wedding party can be lined single file or stacked. Layered or all on top or bottom level. Next to bride and groom, or on a lower level. Which do you prefer?

Peruse prior weddings inside the chapel and gather inspiration on how you'd like to line your wedding party for your own wedding ceremony!

Chapel wedding ceremony_3

Chapel wedding ceremony_2

Chapel wedding ceremony_1

Chapel wedding ceremony_4

Chapel wedding ceremony_5

Chapel wedding ceremony_6

Chapel wedding ceremony_7

Chapel wedding ceremony_8

Now that you've seen the many different ceremonies in the chapel-

book a tour to see it yourself?

We'd love for you to come see the space,

inquire in the link below and schedule a tour!

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