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UPDATE: The Chapel

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The white washed pews were well worth the wait, comfortably seating 330 guests. With sound capabilities similar to the system in the grand hall, it makes it very easy for your DJ to hook up.

All of the gorgeous pictures are starting to roll in. We love getting to see the creativity in new fun angles from all of the photographers who get to come out!

To all of our current brides, here are some chapel measurements you may want to know!

  • There are 15 pews on each side of the aisle

  • The aisle is 56 feet long and 8 feet 8 inches wide

  • Hooks on either side of the stage window reach 15 feet

  • The big stage window is 10.5 feet wide at the bottom

  • The cubbies on either side of the stage are 20 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 58 inches tall

Here are some pictures of the ceremonies in the chapel so far!

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