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Consider this when creating your wedding floor plan

100, 200, 450 guest! Whatever the size of your wedding, The Weinberg can accommodate you!

We've seen it all, from floor plans seating an intimate 75 guests, to packed house at 450 guests. That's one of the great aspects of our wedding venue, regardless the size of your event, there's a floor plan that can fit your needs without being too crowded, or on the other end of the spectrum, too open.

Designing your floor plan might not be the most fun item on your wedding to-do list (or hey, if you're like me, it might be!), but it definitely deserves and needs thought and intention. When creating a layout at The Weinberg that allows your event to flow smoothly while accenting the look and feel of your wedding details, you need to consider a few main points.

Consider this when creating your own wedding floor plan:

1) Reception guest count. Obviously, the first and foremost detail to nail down before designing your wedding layout is your guest count. Browse our Instagram for floor plan inspiration from previous weddings with a wide variety of guest count!

2) Farmhouse tables. At The Weinberg, we have five beautiful wooden farmhouse tables that you can to place wherever you'd like in the floor plan. With that in mind, the second thought you need to consider when creating your wedding layout is where you'd like these tables located.

We provide four 10 foot farmhouse tables and one 6 foot (perfect for a sweetheart table for bride and groom). These can be used for the head table or throughout the floor plan for guest seating, as a cake table or as a memory table at the entry- it's up to you!

3) Head table. If you plan on reserving tables for the bridal party to be seated all together, think about where you'd like this to be and how you would like these designated tables arranged. Popular ideas include: lining all the farmhouse tables down the center of the Grand Hall, creating a U shape with the farmhouse tables in front of the stage, utilizing the banquet tables (these require linens) to free up the farmhouse tables for other areas of the floor plan. Examples of all of these can be seen below.

4) Dance Floor. Will you have a wedding band or a DJ? Would you like the dance floor near the rear of the Grand Hall by the stage or in the middle of the venue? Will you be bringing in a floor wrap to customize your dance floor? All things to consider when deciding where to place your dance floor in your floor plan.

5) Second floor seating. Lastly, consider your guest count and whether or not the second floor seating will be utilized or not. Both options work wonderfully. I'd say guests never see the second floor mezzanine as second rate seating...they have best view in the house of the chandeliers on the second floor!

See more on our social media...

We highly recommend browsing our social media accounts to gather inspiration for your own floor plan. You can find many ideas on our Instagram and Facebook post, as well as our Instagram highlight titled "Floor Plans."

We can't wait to see what creative ways you design the floor plan for your wedding day!

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