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Wedding Dance Floor Inspiration

Vows have been exchanged, cocktails enjoyed, toasts it's time to dance!

Whether your crowed is a two-steppin' to classic country, 90's throwback, or today's top hits- the dance floor is where it all goes down! The dance floor is the focal point of your wedding floor plan.

At The Weinberg, you'll have access to our built-in state-of-the-art sound system! This means your dance floor can be located anywhere in the reception hall without sound quality being compromised.

Deciding on the location of your dance floor will help set the stage for the rest of your floor plan. Which location below is your favorite?

Dance floor location: Near the stage, at the rear of the Grand Hall.

Dance floor location: Center of the Grand Hall.

Dance floor location: Courtyard

The courtyard is a great place to have your private last dance!

Customize your dance floor.

Bring in a fun dance floor like this black and white checkered, or even customize a floor wrap with your favorite design. This is a great way to add extra fun to the dance floor and create a truly unique aesthetic for your event!

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