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Floor Plan: Set The Tone

We have seen so many different floor plans over the last 3 years of weddings of all sizes. Brides work with their coordinators on All Seated to map out where tables and chairs will be placed within the venue. This truly allows the opportunity to make the space your own for the day, unique to your specific party function and size.

Some weddings have grand entrances or grand marches that require specific paths within the tables to operate the way you intend as a bride. Others may want a sweetheart table or a big long head table up the middle of the venue. Your floor plan will help set the tone for your reception. Below are various options and descriptions of floor plans we’ve seen over the years. Send to your coordinator for inspiration in building your own floor plan!

  1. Cue Hannah Montana "Zig Zag across the floor" - This layout was set for a guest count of 230. They chose to leave a big open dance floor in the middle of the room and had these fun zig zag pattern of 8 foot tables at the entrance to the grand hall! It added beautiful dimension to fill the space.

2. Wedding Party separation - For this wedding of 350 guests, they chose to utilize the upstairs seating, and frame in their dance floor using the wedding party table. The front of the room by the stage focused of the head table, while the rest was round tables.

4. Center Head Table - If you have a band or want a fully open area at the front of the room, a good option is to have your head table in the middle of the room. This floor plan for 150 left plenty of room for the dance floor as well as a grand march!

4. Cake Focus - This floor plan for 230 utilized only rectangular tables and had the cake as a main focal point. Having a cake in the middle of the room may feel nerve wracking, but it allowed every guest to see the cake cutting without being missed!

There are so many more ways to be creative with our space! We're excited to see how you set the tone with your floor plan at The Weinberg!

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