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Gorgeous Floral Centerpieces For Your Wedding

When it comes to decorating your wedding reception tables, floral arrangements are by far the most popular of all centerpieces! We’ve seen a variety of floral design options from the many weddings and events hosted here at The Weinberg.

There are so many beautiful options to choose from when it comes to floral centerpieces, all with their own appeal- elevated, traditional, colorful, whimsical, the list goes on.

View a variety of floral options we’ve enjoyed seeing in the Grand Hall to help you narrow down your choices.

Which floral arrangement style and color combination is your favorite?

Non-traditional statement centerpieces

Make a statement by using a centerpiece your guests are not used to seeing in a wedding reception. Keeping with a Tuscan theme throughout the wedding day, these lemon tree and wine box centerpieces brought a truly unique touch to this reception hall. Adding fruit to the centerpiece arrangement has also been a unique way to add color and texture to your decor.

Dramatic, oversized centerpieces

Wanting your floral installation to be an eye-catching and dramatic presence? With floral installs of this size, the reception hall feels like a completely transformed space! Whether with traditional white and green floral or a colorful array- oversized installs are sure to make and impression.

Colorful centerpieces

Colorful floral is back in and we love it! Whether elevated, compote style, or a large, dramatic installation, bright and colorful floral centerpieces are bound to catch everyone’s attention! The Weinberg is full of many beautiful natural, neutral elements (brick, concrete, rod iron, limestone, wood). The use of colorful floral as contrast has been such a fun and exciting addition to weddings.

Elevated centerpieces

These are great to “fill the space” of the Grand Hall. If you have visited The Weinberg, you know just how grand the Grand Hall is- with the ___ft ceilings, elevated arrangements fit well into any floor plan.

Small centerpieces with a big impact

The use of frog vases and bud vases has been popular. Although they are smaller, they add such a fresh, modern touch to your wedding decor.

Traditional centerpieces

Keep it classy with white floral and lots of greenery. You can't go wrong with that classic combo.

Mix it up

Love elevated and frog vase arrangements? Mix it up from table to table! This is such a great idea to add variety to your floor plan and helps to stretch your budget.

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