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Chapel Update

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

If you keep up with us at all you’ve heard the good news about our chapel breaking ground this January. We were THRILLED to make this announcement and be able to offer our clients even more options for a ceremony space. We expect to have a fully functioning forth option for ceremonies by end of year.

With this in mind, we know our upcoming brides and future brides alike are curious as to how this will affect their own big day, if at all. Rest assured, there is no active construction taking place as your wedding guests begin to arrive. We have also added a privacy fence with black lining to keep our messy progress out of sight out of mind.

Brides with weddings over the next year can continue to expect us to impose as little as possible on your wedding weekend. Once the building is up in place, the privacy fence will be removed or relocated to further disguise our materials and tools used on the building’s inside. At that point it will be a pretty, but unusable structure.

We intend to keep all of our couples as up to date as possible on the progress of the chapel, so you are aware of the state of the venue before the day of your wedding! We don’t want anyone to be shocked, surprised, or frustrated that close to such an important day, so we are taking extra care to do all we can for you beforehand.

For our brides hoping to get married in the chapel, inquire below for a tour. We’d be more than happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have about the progress of the chapel in correspondence with your wedding date!

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