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The Weinberg Bar

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

At a wedding, the bar plays a big part in setting the tone for your event. Whether you want a laid back occasion or an energy filled party, The Weinberg Bar is ready to serve you! Our bar is the only in-house vendor we require the use of, but I promise they make it easy and worth it!

Our bartenders at The Weinberg assist us in hosting every event here. They know how to serve your guests well and create the atmosphere that you wanted for your big day! Pricing for the bar is custom to your guest count and budget, and they have virtually unlimited options for how to make the bar service best suit you and your guests. Rather than paying per person for the bar, our packages are based on consumption, meaning you're only paying for what your guests drink! Additionally, similar to a restaurant bar, your guests are able to open a tab and pay for the exact drink they want. So, if you choose to host beer and wine only at your event, guests are able to purchase liquor drinks if you want to allow it!

Not only that, the bar is a gorgeous area of the venue created to draw the eye and efficiently accommodate your crowd no matter the size. The bar top itself is 30 feet in length with 3 wells behind the bar, so multiple bartenders can serve at a time. Beautiful chandeliers skirt either side of the bar. There are hidden TVs that drop down to display your bar menu, slideshows, or videos that can retract just as easily as they came down.

We would love to have you out to see it in person! Inquire about a tour to come check it out!

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