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Wedding Pro Tip

We have seen hundreds of weddings at The Weinberg, which means we’ve seen every tip and trick that the internet has to offer! Whether these tips come from a lesson learned hard the first time, or from some other wedding vendor with creative know-how, these are some of our favorite wedding tips that feel obvious but save the day!

1. Pack your lighter in the same box or set of boxes as the things that need to be lit (unless they’re sparklers). For example, one too many times the lighter has been forgotten for the unity candle. This becomes a mid ceremony fiasco that causes unnecessary panic! Get ahead of it by packing the lighter with the unity candle so it's unpacked at the same time on the same table.

2. Bring a handheld balloon pump to blow out candles if you have a candle heavy wedding. This lets you move quickly and saves your breath during clean up.

3. Double use EVERYTHING. Aisle markers become centerpieces, alter arrangements become photo backdrops, engagement photos and bridal portraits decorating the venue become home decor! You can do this with essentially anything! Frames, mirrors, and other items like that!

4. Buttons and bustles are hard to do or undo in a hurry on wedding day. The best hack for this is to use a crochet hook to loop over buttons

5. Push chairs in to just barely touch the table linen to create a clean and open look throughout the room

These hacks definitely aren’t make or break on wedding day but it may help things along!

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